Тест рівня знань Advanced

Choose the correct item / Виберіть правильну відповідь

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I won’t be able to help you next week. I _______around Europe.


By the time I am thirty I _________ my own flat.


New evidences _______ and the witness _______.


Although he was accused, he denied _______ a bribe.


You’d better________now if you want ______ an exam tomorrow.


_____for  an hour Liz suddenly _____that she ______ her driving license at home.


I ______ a party if I _______ the university.


Sue ______ the competition if she ______better.


I wish I ______so much work to do.


I wish I _______China when I had the opportunity.


I’d hate _______. It’s harmful.


She ________around Europe at the moment.


We ______ before.


We don’t like _______at.


She _______. It’s too late.


As soon as she _____ the letter, she _____ her mother.


–  ‘What has happened to you?’

–  ‘When I _____ downstairs, I _______’.


They saw me _______.


My parents didn’t expect ________ the race, so they were ______.


I strongly recommend ________ this film.


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