Тест рівня знань Upper-intermediate

Choose the correct item / Виберіть правильну відповідь

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Your eyes are red. _________?


When I was younger I ________ football.


She said: “These are people who I worked with.”
She said they __________with.


They asked __________ him before.


Look! The windows need ________.


I’ve got a tooothache. ___________.


If I _______ enough money, I _______ it now.


Do you want _______ you or do you want ________ it yourself?


They didn’t see her ________ the house.


Next time turn off the light before _______.


I suggested _________ at home, but they preferred ________ out.


He is so tired. He ________ home now.


Skiers got into a snowtrap. They shouldn’t___________in such bad weather.


If you ______ me, I _______in real trouble last year.


Do you know the girl _________.


The documents ___________ next week.


When I came home, the dinner ________.


When I saw him I asked what ________ there.


They apologized _____________ late.


He agreed __________ the candidate one more time.


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